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More Fund for web development

More Fund For Web De...

I am seeking for more fund for web development to provide all students with an academic, communicative, and stable web environment for them to allow them to own a “web society” of their own. Students will be able to have their own space and freedom to communicate and help with each other with this powerful website of Kookoat.com.

(B)Clinical Trials Finder

(B)Clinical Trials F...

Bclinicaltrialsfinder.org is a manually run database that aims to make it easy for patients to get all the information they need on a trial. Since it is run by high school students, this database does not give medical advice, but rather goes over the biology and several aspects of individual clinical trials. We have covered around 50 thus far, but need your help to expand the database.

Emery Ecommerce

Emery Ecommerce

An E-commerce store that specializes in high quality vintage jackets for men and women in search for a classical appearance.



Teenhired is passionately driven to provide a place exclusively for high school and college students to distinguish themselves at the highest caliber possible. We enable companies to create job positions online while a clean interface helps the student search by keyword and location to find his desired search.

Youth Coders

Youth Coders

Youth coders is a grassroots organization that aims to teach high school students how to code and give them valuable experience programming by embarking on various projects developing sites, softwares, and other tools for nonprofits. We currently have only a few members but are actively looking to expand.

The Ambassadors Company Proposal

The Ambassadors Comp...

The Ambassadors Company connects businesses with younger generations who can give key insights, feedback, ideas, suggestions, and data. Essentially, The Ambassadors Company is a mix between consulting and market research, specifically angled at providing the teen perspective, allowing companies to tap into what the teen market wants.

"3d Headphones"

We want to create headphones that create the illusion that sound is coming from an actual location in space to make music and audio experiences more immersive. The concept is that we create a small device (size of a cheese-it) that a user attaches to the top of their headphones. The device will track head movement. Head movement data will determine how the headphones augment the sound.

Burlingame Cancer Research

Burlingame Cancer Re...

Burlingame Cancer Research is a group of about 100 high school students from a variety of schools. Our innovative model is connecting research oriented students with cancer patients who need help navigating the field of treatment. We create a variety of different projects and programs to help us achieve this goal. Our efforts have been recognized by the SF Chronicle and SF Business Times!

The Fan-C

The Fan-C

The Fan-C

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