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One of the primary reasons we started inksplosion was to give youth entrepreneurs a chance to voice their ideas, and connect with others who might be able to help them. So to pitch your idea, please first make an account. It's quick, easy, and free! Then, sign in, go to my proposals" and add a new proposal. That's it! Then, wait for our community to begin liking, commenting, or messaging you about possible collaborations.
Inksplosion connects the online community with you in a few different ways. First, we have "likes." When someone likes your proposal, you should be notified via email. When someone "comments" you should also be notified through email. And when someone "messages" you, you should be notified through email. We recommend that you also frequently check your inksplosion account, if you are expecting feedback.
Another one of our goals is not only to allow those who already have ideas to pitch them, but to help those who would like to be innovators but need some help finding issues that they are passionate about and can go out and solve. We are currently trying to grow our group of volunteer youth entrepreneurs, who have started organizations and projects as high schoolers, and are willing to help guide other students. Currently, we only have a few- but these are passionate individuals, and they will respond to you as soon as they can with suggestions and even collaborations. To get one on one help, login, go to "I need help with an organization" and send a message to a mentor.
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