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COO Alex Lee

Hi guys! My name is Alex Lee, and I am a senior at Burlingame High School in California. I had a recent experience that gave me inspiration for creating inksplosion. So I am the founder of an organization called Burlingame Cancer Research- It's goal is simple, connect research oriented high school students with cancer patients who need help navigating the complex field of cancer treatment. My vision for this organization was for it to spread all over the United States. However, as I discoveed, asides from being featured by publications and making physical trips to other schools, it was extremely difficult to connect with other high school students. I went to an event though, called a Pitchfest, where high school students could pitch their ideas. And I discovered that many students were interested- we ended up gaining about 25 more members that day. And so I thought to myself, how do I recreate this Pitchfest sort of event onto a virtual medium? Inksplosion was the answer. I hope that inksplosion will evolve into a network that makes it very easy for youth entrepreneurs to connect.

Additionally, I am here to help aspiring innovators. I've been involved with multiple grassroots organizations, and I understand the difficulties and obstacles. Send me a description of your project and I will respond within a few hours!

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